Loose disc needle valves AM®

Series: A06, A11, A12, A16, A21

- Valves with spindle holder bonnet and a bulilt-in sealing system, also a BACK SEAT, allowing changing of packing when the valves is under pressure.

- Manufacturing series: SERIE A06, integral seat. SERIES A11, with outlet drain. SERIES A12, rechangeable seat. SERIES A16, 90º angle valve. SERIES A21, flanged.


- ASME B31.1 design.

- Connections to various standards, from 1/4” to 1” in NPT (ASME B1.20.1), ISO 228, S.W. (Socket weld. ASME B16.11) and Flanged from 1/2" to 2".

- Manufacture materials stainless steel grade 316, carbon steel and barss.

- Graphite packing (Under order they can be supplied with PTFE packing).

- Moveable vee in stainless steel grade 316 in all versions.

- Aluminium handwheel (Under order they can be supplied with handle).

- Rating: According to material and flanges (see LOOSE DISC NEEDLE VALVES catalog).

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