RDD Projects

MECESA has a Technical and RDD Department that gives the Company a competitive advantage in the market due to its high capacity of production and its flexibility in the designs. MECESA is constantly developing products in order to fulfill our customer’s needs. Therefore, it is always ready to apply small modifications to standard designs as requested, but also to develop important RDD projects. They have a lot of experience developing new products or adapting standard designs to meet the requirements of an end use product or an EPC project, either by applying special materials, or by giving extra features to a product.

A relevant example of an RDD design is the multifunction assembly shown below

It is an assembly that combines a standard AM 1/4” needle valve, a MC Manifold Valve and a pressure relieve valve set to 280 bar. 1/2” NPT-F inlet and outlet connections. There are two other outlets: one is a 1/4” NPT-F outlet downstream the needle inline valve to connect a pressure gauge, and the other is a 1/2” NPT-F as a drain. In line 1/4” AM Needle Valve function is to open and close the line. IT was necessary to use this valve instead of a manifold valve to be able to meet flow requirements. The MC Manifold Valve is for a manual drain so there is no flow requirement. The pressure relief valve is connected downstream the line valve so it has an automatic drain set to 280bar. This multifunctional assembly is a successful example in which two different Needle Valve’s models are combined with a pressure relief valve similar to the ones MECESA uses for instrumentation PRV. This way, customer requirements are met with a cost-optimized solution by using standard models of valves.

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The origins of MECESA’s most important RDD projects are:

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