Mecesa specializes in the sectors valves, thus being able to produce an extended range, with a large variety of application, size and material.

• Types including: loose disc needle, forged needle, needle and regulation (Megaldap), ball, manifold type, pressure gauge, Meceair stopcocks, check, excess flow, pressure damper, cryogenic, Meceflow, membrane or diaphragm, drain plug, relief, nuclear, and plastic high-tech.
• A wide variety of end connections.
• Broad working pressure and temperature ranges.

It can be adapted to use services and / or special rules.

• Oxygenate: Especially degreased and specific lubricant for use in gaseous oxygen conductive installations.
• Cryogenic: Specific lubricant for use at low temperatures.
• Alimentary: Suitable for use in food industry.
• Potability: Products suitable for use in potable water lines. Compliance with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WARS) BS 6920.
• Nuclear: Taking into consideration special specifications for use in nuclear power plants.

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