These four concepts are essential to take decisions and be consistent with a policy, a way of doing business and style.

1. Values: Excellence

1. Effort and dedication
2. Companionship
3. Respect for the environment
4. Efficiency

Values 1

MECESA values are based in a well done job, with effort and dedication, always in fellowship with the rest of workers and ensuring a good working, respecting the environment. This means being efficient in the workplace and aspire to excellence.

2. Mission

MECESA is a company that manufactures and commercialize products for the instrumentation in the market: energy (nuclear, cogeneration, thermal, solar thermal, etc ...), chemical, petrochemical, water treatment, food, pharmaceutical, industry, etc. .MECESA manufactures and commercialize according to the values ​​of the company and taking decisions for the future vision and to achieve the stated objectives. Our Quality Management System is:

Design and production of accessories and forged, rolled pipe connections up to 3" valves (needle, retention, seat, ball, membrane, pressure gauge, cryogenic, safety or relief) and manifolds up to 2", condensation pots and manifolds up to 4" and supports (clamps, brackets) and instrumentation circuits pressure.

Commercialize of accessories and pipe connections up to 3" valves (ball and gate), rupture disks up to 24" and support (clamps, brackets, screws) for instrumentation and pressure circuits.

Values 2

3. Vision: Specialization, Internationalization and Teamwork.

1. Specialization:
1.1. Instrumentation
1.2. Custom designs (products and engineering services: studies, hook ups, etc.)
1.3. "Partners" and industry suppliers
2. Internationalization:
2.1. International presence
2.2. Projects
2.3. Directly or through local distributors for sale
3. Staff:
3.1. Formed
3.2. Dynamical
3.3. Coordination
3.4. Communicated
3.5. Teamwork

Our long-term vision is the specialization in instrumentation sector, offering a big range of industry products and design. This specialization will involve us increasingly the interaction with companies and we are providing us with instrumentation products. These companies could be manufacturers of instruments, orifice plates, hoses, etc., and this synergy will be used to complete the pack of instrumentation.

MECESA team consists in people fully able to perform the tasks of efficient, well connected, well-trained and working as a team manner.
Values 3

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